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Dangerous Goods by Air - Offshore helicopter operations

Approved by the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities and the UK Helideck Certification Agency (HCA)

Part 1;4.1 of the ICAO Technical Instructions for the safe transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (ICAO-TI) require that initial and recurrent dangerous goods training programs must be established and maintained by or on behalf of the following:

  1. shippers of dangerous goods, including packers and persons or organizations undertaking the responsibilities of the shipper;
  2. operators; 
  3. ground handling agencies which perform, on behalf of the operator, the act of accepting, handling, loading, unloading, transferring or other processing of cargo, mail or stores;
  4. ground handling agencies located at an airport which perform, on behalf of the operator, the act of processing passengers;
  5. agencies, not located at an airport, which perform, on behalf of the operator, the act of checking in passengers;
  6. freight forwarders; and
  7. agencies engaged in the security screening of passengers and their baggage and/or cargo, mail or stores.

On offshore locations, Helicopter Landing Officers, Helicopter Deck Assistants and staff, involved with the helicopter administration and handling of passengers, must receive training in accordance with the ICAO Technical Instructions. This also applies when no dangerous goods are carried.

Training requirements
According to Table 1.4 of the ICAO TI (see below), the following training requirements apply to offshore based personnel, involved in helicopter operations:

Helicopter Landing Officer: Key 7 and 8
Helicopter Deck Assistant:  Key 7 and 8
Helicopter Admin Staff:Key 7, 8 and 9

The aim of this E-learning, developed by SCS Training & Consultancy BV and IB Vision, is to cover the above mentioned categories of staff in one training program.

Contents of the training

Based on the above mentioned requirements, the training covers the following subjects:

  • General Philosophy 
    • Basic considerations when transporting dangerous goods by air 
    • Prohibitions
    • What are dangerous goods?
    • Legal basis
    • Shipper’s responsibility
    • Operator’s responsibility
    • Training requirements
  • Limitations
    • General
    • Acceptable dangerous goods
    • Forbidden dangerous goods
    • Dangerous goods in operator’s property
    • State- and Operator variations
  • Classification
    • UN classification system
    • Identification
    • List of Dangerous Goods
  • Packing
    • General packing requirements
    • Methods of packing
    • Types of packaging
  • Marking and Labelling
    • Marking
    • Labelling
    • Consumer product warning
  • Loading and unloading
    • Protection from damage
    • Securing and separating dangerous goods
    • Loading restrictions on helicopter flights carrying passengers
    • Loading restrictions on helicopter flights only carrying cargo
  • Recognition of undeclared dangerous goods
    • Hidden hazards
  • Pilot’s notification
    • NOTOC
  • Provisions for passengers and crew
    • Information to passengers
    • Dangerous goods allowed to be carried by passengers and crew
  • Emergency procedures
    • Introduction
    • General procedures
    • Leakage and spillage
    • Contaminated cargo or baggage handling
    • Reporting of incidents and accidents


The training is divided in 12 modules in which the above mentioned subjects are discussed. Each module is completed with a test, which contains multiple choices, true or false, drag and drop or other type of questions. The test score for the modules which are a mandatory requirement is saved in the students test result bank. Wrongly answered questions may be repeated, but will not be taken into account for the test result. If the test result for a particular module is not sufficient, the module will be repeated and a new test will be issued. In this case, the result for the second test will be taken into account for the total test result.

Authority approval
SCS Training & Consultancy BV is a Dutch Civil Aviation Authority and IATA approved dangerous goods training institute.

Course approval
This specific training course is approved by both the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities and the UK Helideck Certification Agency (HCA).

Upon completing the course and obtaining a positive overall test result, a certificate will be issued and send by e-mail to the training administrator of the company. This certificate has a validity of 2 years.

Available languages
This training course is available in the English language.

For additional information and for registration details please contact:

SCS Training & Consultancy BV

Phone: +31 (0)85 792 0585

E-mail: elearning@specialcargo.nl


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